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GIS Data Hub

Use this link to access GIS Data Hub to upload your GIS data, ALI and MSAG databases, to access
QC results, data summary reports, and processing times.


South Dakota Statewide Geodatabase Download Link:
Click here to download the South Dakota Statewide Geodatabase

South Dakota GDH User Guide Link:
Click here to download the South Dakota GDH User Guide 

South Dakota Field Mapping Worksheet Link:
Click here to download the South Dakota Schema Field Mapping Worksheet

GIS System End User Permission Form Link:
Click here to download the End User Permission Form

GeoComm Resolver - links to installers:
Click here to download GeoComm Resolver 1.4 for ArcGIS Desktop 10.5
If you are having technical issues accessing GIS Data Hub or Sharefile,
contact the GeoComm GIS Managed Services Bureau via e-mail or phone.

Phone: 1-844-282-4507 

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